Pulau Timbang, Batu Sapi Electrification Project

The installation of its green solar power systems for 3 Suraus and 2 Balai Rayas on the island of Pulau Timbang in Batu Sapi, Sabah in early November 2010 and a further 1 Surau in early Jan 2011. A total of 4 kampungs benefited from this initiative, namely, Balai Raya and Surau in Kg Sirabut, Surau in Kg Simagun, Balai Raya in Kg Terusan Baru and Surau in Kg Baru. Despite working under challenging conditions and tight deadlines, the team from Trive Group Property Berhad and its business partners were able to complete the project in 7 days. This completion time is considered exceptionally fast in the industry, making our’s systems not only green and eco-friendly, but also cost-effective and quick to install.

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